Our success in the industry is due to our excellent partnerships.

Our partners come to us for our manufacturing expertise; they stay with us because of our commitment to the relationship. We know this well and make every effort to maintain win-win relationships with our business partners.

The extraordinarily high level of repeat business enjoyed by Hill Wood Products has been earned by the demanding standards of quality, price and delivery which are the trademarks of the Hill family members and employees who still control the company and its operations from the felled tree in the forest to the reliable Hill Trucking driver that, in many cases, delivers the parts to the customer’s door.

Examples of our partner relationship success

Efficiencies in manufacturing / cost reductions.

Hill Wood Products is committed to the best possible method of manufacturing and production, allowing us to hold prices for over ten years with our largest partner and to actually reduce prices by 12% for another partner.

A commitment to understanding our customer and their needs.

Our Fuel Division is running around the clock producing and delivering a dried sawdust fuel for one of the nation’s largest producers of taconite pellets for steel production. The development of this fuel process has been watched from around the world and serves as silent testimonial to the capabilities of Hill Wood Products, a company that stands ready to serve you and your needs.

Ongoing improvements to products.

In our search to find and fill the needs of partners and customers, we identified the national concerns regarding energy and the part we might play in providing an alternative fuel from our primary product – wood. After several years of development and significant capital investment, we are proud to say that we are doing our part in addressing the worldwide concerns of energy and recycling of waste products.