About Hill Wood Products, Inc.

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About Hill Wood Products, Inc.

Ashawa Bay Hardwood Floors and Solid and Engineered Floors

After over 60 years of listening to customers and their needs and wants, our name in the wood products industry has become synonymous with Problem Solving and Customer Satisfaction.

If a product has been made from birch, aspen, or ash, we've probably been involved in one way or another at one time or another. And now, with our expanding business in thin-sawn veneers and flooring, an array of other species is evolving.

Our core strength is in Manufacturing, so Partnering with OEM accounts and with marketing-oriented firms has worked well to our mutual advantage. Currently we produce wood-joining biscuits for two internationally-branded power tool manufacturers and, since 1984, have been the sole wood-fuel supplier to a Fortune 500 heavy industrial corporation using dehydrated sawdust as an alternative to natural gas.

As an extension of our sawn veneer business and our manufacturing expertise, we offer Ashawa Bay Hardwood Floors. Quality Solid and Engineered Floor products are being manufactured and distributed through the same commitment to customer service that we are known for. We specialize in custom engineered flooring, and also offer an entire array of flooring products. FSC certified flooring is available as we broaden our commitment to "green", environmentally responsible products and processes.

Our manufacturing expertise and unique interest in solving problems through improvements in process, in tooling design and even product design, has made it possible to hold our prices for over ten years with our largest customer and to actually reduce price by 12% for our next largest customer.

These are the kinds of results we expect from:

  1. Getting to know our customer

  2. Getting to understand our customer's needs

  3. Finding solutions to filling these needs

  4. Valuing and cementing long-term relationships

Our Fiber Division is dedicated to recycling wood-waste materials into usable and useful end products. On a regional basis, we solve the landfill and pollution problems of wood-waste generators by hauling away their waste products for re-processing into wood chips, sawdust fuel, mulch, etc. Biomass fuels are becoming an increasingly important part of meeting Minnesota's growing energy needs in an environmentally sound manner and Hill Wood Products is proud of the environmentally friendly (green) corporate image that is a result of this effort.

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